Button your flies Blunkett, your greed is showing

Sunday, October 30, 2005

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A memorable couple of weeks in Blair's destruction of our nation. Drink all day, but not on trains. Take £15000 out of the school's much needed budget and put it in the pocket of the local Co-op or Spar. Patricia Hewitt we learn doesn't understand the Sex Discrimination Act (or at least thinks it doesn't apply to her). Blunkett, in between getting in and out of his trousers neglects to tell Parliament about his directorship. The Terrorism and Racial and Religious Hatred Bills whereby for criticising a radical Imam under one you could be prosecuted under the other. We learn that there are more civil servants than when Brown set about reducing their numbers. Yet the ones presiding over the tax credit system get half their awards wrong and spend their way through half a billion pounds in the course of their incompetent administration. The average public sector wage is now higher than the average private sector wage, and almost 40% of the population now works for the government. The balance of trade deficit grows to a staggering £50 billion and Blair spends £10 billion on "consultants" - presumably these are the ones who developed the IT systems for the NHS and the CSA that don't work.But at least we know it's ok to take the country to war on a lie - well it as as long as we can present the lie as an "untruth" instead.We learned this from the great Railtrack coverup. We now know that the Pensions Compensation fund hasn't paid any compensation to people who have lost their life savings despite pensions legislation telling them their savings were safe. Just like the victims of suicide bombings have recived no compensation yet the bombers families are supported by Blair's state. Great week Blair and we haven't even got to Milburn, Byers, and the rest yet. Perhaps someone else can take over?

When the Great Liar's epitaph comes to be written what will it say. In the same way that "doing a Ratner" came to be synonymous with destroying through callous disregard those very customers who created your wealth what will we mean by "Doing a Blair?"